My Other Rush T-shirt

Here is my *other* Rush T-Shirt. My girlfriend Indie found this in a recycled t-shirt bin and gave it to me. She's the best.


Rush Gear

I have two Rush t-shirts.
This first one I got a few years ago from the Rush website. They no longer have it. I looked.

The second one I got from a girlfriend of mine the night before my wedding as a wedding gift. It was the last t-shirt I wore as a single woman.

For Those Just Joining Us...

If you've just discovered this blog and it doesn't bore you to tears, start at my first post and catch up. I'm a very big Rush fan who knows very little about the bang. BUT, I'm taking the time to go back album by album and get to know them a little. I'm up to Caress Of Steal moving on to 2112. I have to go and get it at the record store. I refuse to buy Rush through iTunes and have compressed MP3s. So we have to wait until next week when I can get to the record store.

Addicted To The Rush (Lame Pun Alert)

Time Machine Tour
Gibson Amphitheater
Wednesday June 21, 2011

Just as amazing as the first time. My husband was able to make this one, and we sat with Jesse, Space Camp Jesse and his friend Dina. Did I mention at the first concert Jesse sat in row 12. He's lucky we let him sit next to us this time. (So, jealous.) I digress. We sat in the very last row up on the balcony off the the left, and it still was amazing. I didn't take any video this time. Only stills.
Me and Space Camp Jesse

My ticket

Jesse and Dina

Me and my husband

Our view

Rush - The Spirit of Radio: Greatest Hits 1974 - 1987

1. Working Man – 7:11
2. Fly by Night – 3:22
3. 2112 Overture / The Temples of Syrinx – 6:45
4. Closer to the Heart – 2:53
5. The Trees – 4:42
6. The Spirit of Radio – 4:57
7. Freewill – 5:23
8. Limelight – 4:20
9. Tom Sawyer – 4:33
10. Red Barchetta – 6:10
11. New World Man – 3:43
12. Subdivisions – 5:34
13. Distant Early Warning – 4:58
14. The Big Money – 5:35
15. Force Ten – 4:32
16. Time Stand Still – 5:09

Released February 2003
Mercury Records

It's funny, like I said, I love Rush. A lot. But I don't know a lot about them. Thus this journey. However, I know the majority of these songs and I haven't even gotten to their albums yet. I also learned new favorites and learned a little something about my husband. One of his favorite Rush songs is "Subdivisions". I'm totally with him on that one. (Do you see why I married him?) "The Spirit of Radio" is one of my new favorites. It reminds me of hanging out in my brother's room. Just when he would yell at me, "Get out of my room, meathead!" It was a term of endearment.

Anyway, I bought this Greatest Hits just before the August 11, 2010 concert. Just to help bring me up to speed a little. It made me super impatient for the upcoming albums. But, I will be patient and go in order. 2112 is my next album and I can't wait!

My Very First Rush Concert

Time Machine Tour
Gibson Amphitheater
Wednesday August 11, 2010

And it was the *BEST* concert I've ever been to. I got tickets for myself, my now husband and of course my brother. I bought tickets for my brother for his birthday. It only seemed right to take him to my first Rush show, and it was his first show also. The concert got closer and my husband had to fly off to New York for business, so our friend Brandon took his ticket. We met up with my friend Jesse, Space Camp Jesse and Jesse's friend..... uuhhhhh.... I forgot her name. She was wicked cool.
Here is me and Space Camp Jesse

My ticket

My awesome brother

Our view from our seats

Not to further the joke, but the ladies room was empty and super clean. The Men's line wrapped around the lobby. So funny. It truly was one of the best concerts I've ever seen. Geddy's voice was amazing, Alex made playing the guitar easy and Neil.... dude! Soooo good! He had a solo that had to be like 20 minutes. At first the crowd was going crazy, then he just kept going and everyone got real quiet. I realize that everyone's jaw had hit the floor like mine had. Incredible.

What a rush!!!

(Boo, bad pun! Hey, it's my Rush blog. When you have your own Rush blog you can have lame puns too.)

Busy Listening To Rush And Other Things Of Interest

I'm back! So much to tell you. Since the last time I've posted, I've:

* Seen Rush
* Renovated my house
* Gotten married
* Honeymooned
* Seen Rush AGAIN
* Bought a Rush Greatest Hits album

So much fun stuff I don't even know what to do with myself!!


Some Girls Still Love Rush

Wow, I can't believe I haven't posted here since 2009!! Don't worry, I've still been listening to Rush. I've also been planning my wedding, a renovation and working. However, I have many many things to share. Get ready for a FLOOD of posts.


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